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Ride For Wishes - 2009 Ambassador

The 2009 Ride for Wishes Ambassador, is 9-year-old Nathan. Make-A-Wish (M-A-W) granted Nathan his wish in 2008 and his love of cars and motorcycles shaped his wish for a racetrack in his backyard.

Jolene, Nathan’s mom, described what this wish has meant to Nathan and their family. “Nathan’s wish was a miracle and brought us closer to our community when we needed both so very much. After Nathan’s diagnosis with Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia in May 2007, we received bad news after bad news from the medical staff and we were losing hope and courage That is when we heard from the local M-A-W Foundation of MO in St Louis. They told us that Nathan could make a wish for anything he wanted and they would do everything in their power to grant it. Nathan wished for a bike track. When the women from M-A-W were gathering up the local companies to make the project possible, they had to turn down help because there were so many people wanting to donate their time and equipment.

The wish granters from M-A-W thought of everything. When Nathan was taking so many of the hard chemo drugs and was so weak, they thought that including a Remote Control track was a good idea so he did not have to use too much energy on the bike track. We built a tower for him to hang out with friends and drive his RC cars around the track.

Now that Nathan has more strength and energy, he loves to ride his motorcycle around his track and the track is amazing! It is 1/8 of a mile long and has a concrete bridge that you can cross over or ride underneath. It has banks for sharp turns, hills, and jumps. It is every child’s dream! It was truly a dream come true for Nathan and our family and will be for many, many years to come.

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